St. Benedict’s National School

Architects: Building Unit, Department of Education and Science
Client: Department of Education & Science

The primary acoustic feature in this national school was the general purpose hall. The hall, with a volume of approximately 5400m3 and length of 33m was designed to facilitate a wide variety of activity. This included assemblies, drama performances, music recitals and sports activity. The hall internal design predominantly consisted of hard surfaces such as block work and timber flooring. Specific design recommendations were made to manipulate the reverberant characteristics of the hall to provide a more suitable environment for speech, drama and to a lesser extent music. A new and innovative design was applied to classroom design to allow for the efficient propagation of voice throughout the room but also sufficient sound absorption to aid speech clarity and intelligibility. Other aspects to this project included ambient background noise in classrooms and the hall as a result of mechanical services and a complete evaluation of building envelop sound insulation and the internal airborne and impact sound insulation throughout the building relative to standards BB93 and BS8233.

The consultant for this project was David Cawley however this may not have been with Allegro Acoustics Ltd.