Department of Finance

Architects: Grafton Architects
Client: Office of Public Works

The conference rooms in this building had come about as a result of the refurbishment of the building. In keeping with the old style of the building, the conference rooms were of relatively large volume with a high apex timber ceiling, old brickwork on all four walls and linoleum on a sprung timber floor. This predominance of reflective surfaces resulted in a high reverberation time in the rooms and the design challenge was to provide a sufficiently high level of speech intelligibility in accordance with international standards. Various options to provide the ideal reverberant environment within conference rooms were recommended to the client whilst maintaining the style of each conference room. This project also included design recommendations to minimise cross talk between offices and floors where a natural ventilation system was in use across the seven floors of the building.

The consultant for this project was David Cawley however this may not have been with Allegro Acoustics Ltd.