Conyngham Road

Architects: HKR Architects
Client: Pardry McFadden Etchingham Consortium

Design recommendations (pre planning stage) provided to result in the ideal acoustic environment within apartments, commercial offices and retail units located in a high traffic urban setting. This involved an initial day and night time noise monitoring survey followed by design recommendations to result in compliance with BS8233 internally in the development. Design recommendations included for the building façade, roof, internal walls and floors within the development. Building façade design recommendations focused primarily on high performance glazing and suitable means of ventilating the building without loosing building façade sound insulation performance. Following the planning application, clarifications were provided to An Bord Pleanala to successfully address peripheral noise issues raised in the form of planning objections.

The consultant for this project was David Cawley however this may not have been with Allegro Acoustics Ltd.