M20 Motorway

Project Manager: WYG
Client: Cork County Council

This project involved the route selection process through to completion of the Noise and Vibration impact assessment chapter for inclusion in the EIA. A baseline noise survey was carried out across approximately 140 locations and the 80km route was represented in a computational noise model (CadnaA). Topographical data was used to develop the landscape within the model and other relevant details such as hedgerows and walls were also represented to validate the model. Approximately 1000 residential receptors were considered in the noise model and the existing and opening to design year Lden value was predicted at each receptor using the NRA Method A as outline din the NRA document for noise and vibration in national road schemes. Subsequent to this, noise mitigation design was implemented to the model to meet the NRA criteria.

The consultant for this project was David Cawley however this may not have been with Allegro Acoustics Ltd.