Services – Architectural Acoustics

We take building projects from the earliest stages of preplanning through to construction completion and delivery to the client. This typically involves detailed design prior to construction followed by construction phase inspection and direction whereby we advise the client, architect, design team and main contractor. We have previously acted as lead acoustic consultants for both new and existing buildings. We have completed highly complex and demanding architectural acoustic projects in the past whereby there are high noise generating areas in close proximity to noise sensitive spaces and also a requirement for high quality reverberant environment within rooms.

Typical Project Path
We initially determine acoustic specifications for the building through communication with the client and architect. Acoustic specifications depend on the nature of use for the building and what the client wishes to achieve. Following this determination, we can provide detailed advice throughout detailed design and construction phase to ensure that acoustic specifications are met. Following construction completion, we typically carry out a broad range of acoustic tests to verify that design specifications have been achieved. A brief summary of our capabilities in this field is outlined below.

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  • Acoustic Specifications for all Building Types
  • Reverberation and Room Acoustic Modelling
  • Sound Insulation Design Recommendations
  • Noise Control Engineering Design for MEP
  • Acoustic Testing to International Standards: NR, NC, DnTw, LnTw, RT, STI, Rw