Electronic Audio

Allegro Acoustics has provided electronic audio design services to global audio manufacturers and brands to include balancing sound system performance to provide the user with the optimal audio experience. Allegro Acoustics provides the following services relative to Electronic Audio and Sound Design:

  • Sound design of specific sounds and effects, and alignment with visual feed.
  • Speaker driver performance optimization.
  • Audio data stream analysis and optimization.
  • Driver housing and mounting design development.
  • “Rub and Buzz” analysis and design-out.
  • Earphone, Headphone and Speaker Audio Testing.
  • Testing of THD, L/R Tracking, Frequency Response (Driver and Mic).
  • Protocol supports: Wired and A2DP, HFP1, AVRC, SPP.
  • Test System Used: SoundCheck by Listen.
  • Allegro Acoustics provides Testing and R&D facilities to audio technology brand ONESONIC Audio Technologies.

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