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At Allegro Acoustics, our Commercial Interior Fitout capability is a turnkey design and installation service for commercial office fitout, retrofit and upgrade works. Allegro Acoustics has class leading expertise in this field and delivers commercial office spaces designed to acoustic perfection and completed to the highest installation standards and workmanship – see previously completed Commercial projects here. Fitting out open plan offices to be acoustically well damped, comfortable and focused is delivered through comprehensive acoustic modelling coupled with a bespoke acoustic installation of specific high performance acoustic materials and solutions. Achieving a high degree of speech intelligibility and professional level of speech clarity in video conference and meeting rooms is delivered by Allegro Acoustics in a similar manner, using cutting edge modelling technology and our extensive database of materials and acoustic solutions.


Acoustic Analysis

Allegro Acoustics carries out acoustic testing and analysis in built spaces to obtain acoustic data for the space and gain an in-depth understanding of how sound transmits within the environment. This is critically important to ultimately achieving the ideal acoustic environment in open plan offices, and a high level of speech intelligibility in meeting and conference rooms for example.


Acoustic Modelling & Design

Allegro Acoustics uses state of the art 3D Room Acoustic Modelling software ODEON. This allows us to replicate built spaces in design, and develop a highly effective and bespoke acoustic strategy. Achieving a suitably “damped” acoustic environment in an open office, or a professional level of speech intelligibility in a video conference or P2P meeting room is entirely dependent upon comprehensive and targeted acoustic modelling and design.


Materials and Solutions

The design output from the modelling and design process informs us of the most suitable acoustic materials and solutions to employ in the space. Allegro Acoustics then implements this design through the installation of bespoke materials and solutions to provide an optimized acoustic environment. By designing according to the unique characteristics of the space, we optimize the acoustic design to suit the needs of the user.

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