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Good acoustic and audio design is central to effective communication throughout the commercial office. An open plan office designed to minimise the transmission of sound between desks, and a video conference room designed to maximise speech intelligibility are simple examples of how acoustic design can be instrumental in providing a high quality communicative environment within the commercial office.

Allegro Acoustics has substantial experience in every aspect of commercial office acoustic design with communication always kept as the key design principal. The acoustic design services we typically provide for commercial office developments include the following:

  • Sound insulation and isolation analysis and design recommendations to ensure that sound transmission between spaces is appropriately minimised. This is particularly important for meeting rooms, video conference rooms and cellular offices where privacy is a fundamental design requirement and potentially sensitive communication within these spaces must not transmit to adjacent spaces.
  • Reverberation modelling using ODEON room acoustic modelling software for open plan office spaces. Such design expertise can be used to minimise sound transmission throughout an open plan office so that these spaces are acoustically comfortable for multiple users.
  • Sound reflection modelling using ODEON room acoustic modelling for meeting and video conference rooms. This design expertise can be used to minimise sound reflections in video conference rooms, which otherwise result in undesirable echoes and unintelligible speech on video calls. Effective use of this expertise ensures that video calls from the video conference room sound clean, natural and highly intelligible for the call recipient.
  • M&E and Intrusive Noise analysis and design. This includes an analysis of external noise such as road traffic at a city centre location, to ensure that intrusive noise levels throughout office spaces are kept at an appropriate minimum.
  • Design to achieve credits under rating schemes by building rating agencies to include BREEAM, LEED and WELL.
  • Design in accordance with globally recognised commercial office standards to include the BRITISH COUNCIL FOR OFFICES Guide to Specification (2019), BS8233 Guidance on sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings (2014) and AS/NZS 2107: Acoustics – Recommended design sound levels and reverberation times for building interiors (2016).
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