Construction Stage Monitoring

Allegro Acoustics carries out short to long term noise, vibration and dust monitoring for demolition and construction phase. Allegro Acoustics typically offers the following services in respect of construction phase monitoring:

  • Construction Noise, Vibration and Dust monitoring with weekly / monthly issue of reports.
  • Noise monitoring carried out in accordance with ISO 1996-1 Acoustics — Description, measurement and assessment of environmental noise (2016) and EPA Guidance Note for Noise (NG4, 2016).
  • Vibration monitoring according to ISO 4866 Mechanical vibration and shock – Vibration of fixed structures – Guidelines for the measurement of vibrations and evaluation of their effects on structures (2010).
  • Dust monitoring in accordance with Method VDI 2119: Measurement of Dustfall, Determination of Dustfall using Bergerhoff Instrument, Standard Method, The Association of German Engineers (VDI, 2013) and Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (TA Luft, 2002).
  • Construction Site Noise, Vibration and Dust Monitoring and Construction Management Planning.
  • Data and documentation compilation to protect against legal action for building damage due to construction works.
  • All noise and vibration monitoring equipment used by Allegro Acoustics is equipped with Remote Access by SIM and Trigger Alerts for breach of Noise and Vibration Planning Limits.

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