Meeting and Video Conference Rooms

With personnel now being split between working from home and in-office, what was a simple meeting room in the office facility has now typically become a video conferencing room. However, a room which will suffice acoustically for in person meetings, often does not deliver the room acoustic characteristics required for quality video conferencing. The ideal scenario is that the recipient of your video call only hears clear, natural speech. Achieving this requires collaboration across two separate technologies – room acoustic design, and audio technology.

In today’s world, how your company representatives sound on video conference is representative of your brand. Clear, intelligible and natural speech on video conference gives the perception of a technically proficient and competent organisation. Allegro Acoustics provides the following services for meeting and video conference facilities:

  • Acoustic and audio modelling of meeting and video conference rooms in ODEON Room Acoustic Modelling software to optimise acoustic and audio performance. Our 3D room acoustic modelling approach enables us to holistically design the video conferencing room whereby the acoustic design of the room is matched with the audio hardware to optimise speech intelligibility and quality for video conferencing.
  • Reverberation testing and analysis of existing meeting rooms and rooms in design stage to determine the suitability of these for video conferencing. Acoustic design of meeting rooms, conference rooms and video conference rooms to deliver clear, intelligible and natural speech for in-room communication and across video link.
  • Meeting and Video Conference Room design to building rating agency standards to include BREEAM, LEED and WELL.
  • Design in accordance with globally recognised commercial office standards to include the BRITISH COUNCIL FOR OFFICES Guide to Specification (2019), BS8233 Guidance on sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings (2014) and AS/NZS 2107: Acoustics – Recommended design sound levels and reverberation times for building interiors (2016).
  • Acoustic and audio design for video conference facilities including sound absorbing material selection, speaker and microphone selection to provide optimal performance in the video room.

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