Video Conference and Meeting Rooms

Allegro Acoustics provides full acoustic and audio design and installation services for video conferencing and meeting rooms. Allegro Acoustics is a market leader in the “one stop shop” for video conference and meeting room facilities owing to our years of acoustic and audio design experience, and previous commercial fitout Projects.

Our acoustic and audio modelling capabilities are fundamental to designing a high-performance video conference room. This includes specification and installation of bespoke sound absorbing materials and finishes to provide the ideal room acoustic characteristics for video conferencing. Specifying and installing the most suitable video conferencing hardware to suit the space is then critical to delivering a video conference room which is optimised and bespoke to the clients requirements.

Our solutions are “plug and play” compatible with all major video conferencing platforms such as MS Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Amazon Chime etc. Our solutions are otherwise designed with simplicity in mind, and to allow the user to connect by laptop with seamless, natural and immediate audio and visual communication.


Acoustic Analysis

Allegro Acoustics carries out acoustic testing and analysis in existing meeting and conference rooms to obtain acoustic data for the space and gain an in-depth understanding of reverberation and audio reflection patterns. This is fundamental to achieving a high level of speech intelligibility, and transmitted audio clarity which sounds natural.


Acoustic Modelling & Design

Allegro Acoustics uses state of the art 3D Room Acoustic Modelling software ODEON. This allows us to acoustically represent meeting and video conference rooms in design. We can then develop a highly effective and bespoke acoustic and audio design for the space. Achieving a professional level of speech intelligibility in a video conference or P2P meeting room is entirely dependent upon comprehensive and targeted acoustic modelling and design. Our modelling capability allows us to fully integrate video conferencing hardware, with the video conference room to result in an acoustically high performance, tuned video conference facility which delivers crystal clear and natural sounding communication.


Material Solutions and Hardware

The design output from the modelling and design process informs us of the most suitable acoustic material solutions and hardware to employ in the meeting or video conference room. Allegro Acoustics then implements this design through the installation of bespoke material solutions and video conferencing hardware to provide an acoustically high-performance facility. By completing a fitout which is bespoke designed to the unique characteristics of the space, we optimize the acoustic performance to provide a high-quality bespoke meeting or video conference facility tailored to suit the requirements of the client.

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