Red Arches Residential

Red Arches Residential

Allegro Acoustics acted as acoustic consultant for all aspects of this 205 unit residential development which consisted of apartments, terraced houses and townhouses with basement car park and courtyard space. This included design recommendations to achieve criteria for all spaces throughout, reporting, drawing markup, response to queries from site, site inspection during construction and acoustic testing upon practical completion. Designed and tested in compliance with TGD-E Sound (BC[a]R 2014). This development was completed in two sectors.
Sector 1 – forms a perimeter block and comprises of 5-storey apartment blocks on the northern, western and eastern side of the sector. The southern side consists of nine 3-storey units. The south western corner contains one 4-storey corner unit and one 3-storey unit.
Sector 2 – comprises of a 4 storey apartment block on the north eastern edge, with three 4-storey corner units and three 3-storey units on each flank. There are two and three storey terraced units located along the southern edge.

Architect: HJ Lyons
Main Contractor: MDY Construction
Number of Units: 205
Project Value: c€50m

Date of completion: Q3 2017
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