Allegro Acoustics was established in 2009. Since then, we have been providing a high quality specialist service in all aspects of audio, acoustics, noise and vibration consultancy and design. As one of the leading Acoustic Consultants in the Republic of Ireland and UK, we are engaged in the design and construction of Performing Arts, Multi Media, Education, Leisure, Civic, Hotel and Residential projects throughout the world. We also provide noise and vibration consultancy services to clients in the Pharmaceutical, Biomedical, Contract Manufacturing, Food, Technology and Power Generation Industries. Our priority for all projects is to simplify design challenges, provide efficient solutions and deliver the level of quality and performance expected by our client. Please see below for more information and don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can assist you.

Building Acoustics

Allegro Acoustics has acted as Acoustic Consultant on a broad range of design and build projects which can be viewed in Projects. Allegro Acoustics provides the following services relative to Acoustics in Buildings:

  • Acoustic, Noise and Vibration Consultants for all aspects of the design and build process
  • Architectural and interior acoustic design
  • Sound Insulation modelling and design
  • Room Acoustic Modelling and Design
  • M&E Noise Design
  • Acoustics in Offices, Educational facilities, Hotels, Residential development, Student Accommodation, Music Venues, Cinemas & Theatres
  • Technical Guidance Document E Sound (2014) Design Assessment and Acoustic Ancillary Certifier
  • Fáilte Ireland Classification acoustic design for Hotels
  • Tender stage acoustic criteria and design documentation

Performance Space and Media Acoustic Design

Allegro Acoustics has carried out acoustic design for multiple performance spaces and media facilities which can be seen in Projects. Allegro Acoustics provides the following services relative to Performance Space and Media facility design:

  • Auditorium Acoustic Design
  • Room Acoustic Modelling and Design
  • Music Venue design
  • Concert Hall and Opera House Design
  • Theatre and Cinema Design
  • Studio and media space design
  • Production and postproduction suite design
  • Noise Rating and M&E Noise Attenuation design
  • Modelling in ODEON Room Acoustic Modelling Software

Electronic Audio and Sound Design

Allegro Acoustics has provided electronic audio design services to global audio manufacturers and brands to include balancing sound system performance to provide the user with the optimal audio experience. Allegro Acoustics provides the following services relative to Electronic Audio and Sound Design:

  • Speaker driver performance optimization
  • Audio data stream analysis and optimization
  • Driver housing and mounting design development
  • “Rub and Buzz” analysis and design-out
  • Earphone, Headphone and Speaker Audio Testing
  • Testing of THD, L/R Tracking, Frequency Response (Driver and Mic)
  • Protocol supports: Wired and A2DP, HFP1, AVRC, SPP
  • Test System Used: SoundCheck by Listen
  • Allegro Acoustics provides Testing and R&D facilities to global audio technology brand ONESONIC Audio Technologies

Industry – Noise Modelling and Industrial Design

Allegro Acoustics provides specialized noise modelling and industrial design services to clients in Industry, some of which can be seen in Projects. Allegro Acoustics provides the following services relative to noise and industrial design:

  • Allegro Acoustics develops noise models for the industrial workplace during design stage
  • This allows for the prediction of the occupational noise exposure level to employees
  • Simply giving equipment suppliers a noise limit, does not necessarily mean that occupational noise limits will be observed as local factors and the cumulative effect from equipment typically play a large part
  • Noise modelling allows identification of specific equipment which causes a breach of occupational noise limits
  • This equipment and the associated supplier can then be assigned a noise reduction requirement which must be achieved before installation, meaning that the occupational noise exposure limits can be achieved immediately upon commencement of production
  • This essentially transfers the onus to achieve occupational noise limits, from the employer onto the supplier of production equipment during design stage of industrial facilities

Industry – Environment and Occupational Health

Allegro Acoustics provides a broad range of acoustic consultancy services to clients in Industry, some of which can be seen in Projects. Allegro Acoustics provides the following services relative to Noise in Industry:

  • Environmental Noise Measurements, Continual Noise Monitoring and Surveys
  • Industrial Emissions License (IEL) noise monitoring and assessment
  • Occupational Noise Assessment according to the HSE and HSA Guidelines
  • Noise Risk Assessment and Workplace Noise Assessment
  • Control of Noise and Vibration at Work Regulations (2005) assessments
  • Occupational Vibration Assessment – Hand Arm Vibration (HAV Assessment), Whole Body Vibration (WBV Assessment)
  • Noise control engineering design and plant re-engineering design to reduce noise levels
  • Industrial noise control and noise mitigation design
  • Noise nuisance and complaint investigation and testing
  • Noise pollution investigation and control

Planning, Oral Hearing and Expert Witness

Allegro Acoustics has worked with multiple clients and successfully navigated multiple projects through the planning process where noise issues are raised by the Planning Authority. This process includes addressing simple Requests for Further Information, through to preparation of detailed noise impact assessments for large developments. Allegro Acoustics provides the following services relative to Planning, Oral Hearing and Expert Witness:

  • Response to noise based RFI from Planning Authorities countrywide
  • Residential and industrial noise impact assessment
  • Noise Impact Assessment for Power Generation and Energy facilities
  • Road, rail and air traffic noise impact assessment
  • Wind farm noise and shadow flicker assessment using WindPRO modelling software
  • Noise in Planning and Oral Hearing Attendance for public projects
  • Baseline noise surveys
  • Noise and vibration impact assessments
  • 3D Environmental noise modelling using SoundPLAN modelling software
  • Predictive Noise Modelling
  • Expert Witness for License Applications and Court Hearings

Acoustic Testing

Allegro Acoustics has carried out acoustic testing and commissioning measurements on multiple project types including our own building design projects as shown in Projects. Allegro Acoustics provides the following services relative to acoustic testing and measurement:

  • Acoustic Testing to verify compliance with Employers Requirements
  • Airborne and Impact Sound Insulation Testing to ISO 16283
  • TGE – E Sound (2014) Acoustic Testing
  • Acoustic Commissioning for M&E
  • Acoustic and Noise Testing Services to multiple international standards
  • Sound Proofing Testing for historic buildings
  • Reverberation Time and Sound Absorption Testing in Auditoria and Performance Venues
  • Room Acoustic Testing
  • Troubleshooting acoustic testing to identify root cause of test failures

Construction Stage Noise and Vibration

Allegro Acoustics has extensive experience relative to monitoring construction noise and vibration, particularly on city center sites with close-by sensitive receptors. Allegro Acoustics provides the following services relative to construction noise and vibration monitoring during construction and demolition phase:

  • Construction Noise and Vibration monitoring for planning compliance
  • Construction and Demolition phase
  • Construction Site Noise Monitoring and Construction Noise Management Planning
  • Pile driving vibration monitoring
  • Protect against legal action for building damage due to construction works
  • Remote Access by SIM and Trigger Alerts for breach of Noise and Vibration Planning Limits