Acoustic Testing

Allegro Acoustics carries out all acoustic testing relevant to buildings and internal spaces to include the following:

  • Airborne and Impact Sound Insulation Testing, and Façade Sound Insulation testing according to ISO 16283 Acoustics — Field measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements (2014) in all building types to include residential, office, hotel, educational and manufacturing.
  • Acoustic testing to verify compliance with Technical Guidance Document E- Sound (2014), Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage, Republic of Ireland and Approved Document E – Resistance to the passage of sound (2003 with amendments to 2021), HM Government, United Kingdom.
  • Acoustic Testing to verify compliance with Employers Requirements and other typical contract documents.
  • Acoustic Commissioning testing for M&E Systems including Noise Rating (NR) measurements down to a noise floor of NR10.
  • Intrusive Noise level testing (LAeq and LAFMax) in buildings down to a noise floor of 12dB LAeq,T.
  • Reverberation Time testing in Auditoria, Performance Venues and Conference facilities according to ISO 3382 Acoustics — Measurement of room acoustic parameters (2009).
  • Speech Intelligibility testing for sound systems and conference facilities according to IEC 60268-16 Sound system equipment – Part 16: Objective rating of speech intelligibility by speech transmission index (2020)

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