Environmental Noise in Industry

Understanding noise emissions from an industrial installation is key to maintaining continual operation and minimising the risk of exceeding statutory noise limit values. Allegro Acoustics works as Environmental Noise Consultants across a variety of industrial installation types to include power generation, biomedical, pharmaceutical, heavy industry, logistics and other manufacturing to ensure that the risk of exceeding license limits and therefore risk to operations is appropriately controlled and minimised – click on this link to see previous Industrial Noise projects by Allegro Acoustics. Services we offer to industry relative to environmental noise assessment include the following:

  • Environmental noise monitoring and surveys according to the EPA Guidance Note for Noise (NG4, 2016)
  • Industrial Emissions License (IEL) and ISO 14001 compliance noise monitoring and assessment
  • Continual Unmanned Noise Monitoring with real time data using SIM Connectivity
  • Noise pollution control assessments, noise nuisance investigation and assessment according to BS4142 Methods for rating and assessing industrial and commercial sound (2014)
  • On site sound power assessment and 3D environmental noise modelling using SoundPLAN noise modelling software to identify problematic noise sources on site and conclude effective noise control engineering design measures

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