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The quality of a living space is often subtly defined by the audible environment whether it is your home, a hotel room or a bedroom in a student accommodation or healthcare facility. Minimising sound transmission from your neighbours, be it the adjacent bedroom, or the adjacent residential unit, is paramount to feeling suitably segregated from the outside world. In the healthcare setting, peace and quiet are paramount to recovery and these attributes are heavily influenced by the audible environment. In hotels, we take acoustic design a step further through analysis and design of communal spaces so that these don’t sound overly reverberant or “echoey”. This engenders a feeling of quality, comfort and peacefulness in spaces like hotel lobbies, restaurants and reception areas so that guests are naturally made to feel welcome and “at home”.

Allegro Acoustics has significant experience in hotel, residential and healthcare acoustic design having brought signature projects to completion in recent years – see previous Hotel, Residential and Healthcare projects here. Our scope of services relative to living space acoustic design typically includes the following:

  • Sound insulation and isolation analysis and design recommendations to ensure that sound transmission between spaces is appropriately minimised. This is particularly important for residentials units such as semi-detached houses, apartments, terraced houses, hotel spaces such as bedrooms, meeting rooms and leisure areas, bedrooms in student accommodation facilities and single bed wards in healthcare facilities.
  • Acoustic assessment and design recommendations for residential developments to ensure that Technical Guidance Document E- Sound (2014), Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage, Republic of Ireland and Approved Document E – Resistance to the passage of sound (2003 with amendments to 2021), HM Government, United Kingdom are achieved.
  • Acoustic assessment and design recommendations for hotels to ensure that the acoustic criteria as outlined in the Hotel Classification Scheme, Fáilte Ireland is achieved.
  • Acoustic assessment and design for healthcare developments to the standard outlined in Health Technical Memorandum HTM 08-01: Acoustics (Department of Health UK, 2013).
  • Reverberation modelling using ODEON room acoustic modelling software for hotel lobbies, restaurants, reception areas and other communal spaces. This design expertise can be implemented to optimise the audible environment in spaces where multiple conversations may occur simultaneously with background music such as the restaurant or reception areas.
  • Residential and hotel acoustic design to achieve credits under rating schemes by building rating agencies to include BREEAM, LEED and WELL.
  • M&E and Intrusive Noise analysis and design. This includes an analysis of external noise such as road traffic at a city centre location, to ensure that intrusive noise levels throughout hotel and residential spaces achieves the Intrusive Noise criteria outlined in BS8233 Guidance on sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings (2014) and other recognised standards.

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