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Getting the acoustic balance right in a Radio Studio, TV Studio, Recording Studio or Production Suite is critical to creating professional grade content. An acoustically well balanced, equalised and fit for purpose studio naturally enables better recorded sound, and makes life easier for recording and broadcast professionals in the production process. In the same way, having the right reverberant balance in a Cinema is key to recreating professional grade audio as created during film making in the post production suite. Allegro Acoustics has significant experience in the specification and design of studio, cinema and multimedia spaces – see previous Studio, Cinema and Multi Media projects by Allegro Acoustics here. Equally as important, a number of Allegro Acoustics personnel on an individual level, have valuable and diverse experience as recording artists and in the production role and know exactly what it means to record and produce in an acoustically well-designed studio or production suite. Allegro Acoustics typically provides the following services in respect of studio, cinema and multimedia spaces:

  • Acoustic and audio modelling of Cinemas, Radio Studios, TV Studios and Soundstage, Recording Studios, Production Suites, Post Production suites, Voice Over booths and Editing Suites.
  • Acoustic assessment and design to multiple recognised studio acoustic design guidelines to include BBC Engineering: Guide to Acoustics Practice (1990), DOLBY 5.1-Channel Music Production Guidelines (2000) and DOLBY ATMOS Home Theatre Installation Guidelines (2018).
  • Room acoustic modelling of studio and production rooms using ODEON Auditorium Room Acoustics modelling software. Allegro Acoustics have designed and tested audio recording rooms which achieve Reverberation Times as low as 0.25s which are flat across the relevant frequency range.
  • High performance sound insulation analysis and design for the studio or cinema envelope to include walls, floors and the external fa├žade. Allegro Acoustics have designed and tested structures which achieve in excess of 70dB DnT,w and maintain instructive noise levels to below 15dB LAeq,T.
  • M&E noise analysis and attenuation design of air management systems to achieve background noise levels down to NR10 in audio recording spaces.

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