Video Conference Rooms

Allegro Acoustics is a market leader in the commercial communication field and delivers fully operational, bespoke and optimized video conference and meeting room facilities, relying upon years of acoustic and audio design experience. Previously completed video conference rooms by Allegro Acoustics can be viewed in Projects.

Our acoustic and audio modelling capabilities are fundamental to designing high-performance video conferencing facilities whereby previously completed video conference rooms by Allegro Acoustics achieve globally recognized standards such as the stringent Cisco Systems standard for Video Conferencing, verified by testing in accordance with ISO 3382-2 (2008).

Our solutions are “plug and play” compatible with all major video conferencing platforms such as MS Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Amazon Chime etc. Our solutions are otherwise designed with simplicity in mind, and to provide the user with seamless, natural and immediate audio and visual communication.


Acoustic Modelling, Design and Fitout 

Allegro Acoustics provides video conferencing and meeting facilities with exceptional audio performance and speech intelligibility. This is possible through our fundamental acoustic modelling and design capabilities, coupled with years of experience in commercial building design and fitout.

Converting a regular office or meeting room to a high performance video conference room is fundamentally dependent upon comprehensive and targeted acoustic modelling and design. Allegro Acoustics exceptional capabilities in this field allow us to fully integrate video conferencing hardware within an acoustically optimized room to result in a high performance, tuned video conference facility which delivers crystal clear and natural communication.


Video Conference Hardware Integration 

Allegro Acoustics has partnerships with some of the worlds leading video conference and audio hardware providers including Poly, DTEN, Audio-Technica and Cisco. Our unique position with neutral links to multiple key partners allows us to identify and implement the best technologies for our client. Our partner support network coupled with in-house expertise in the fields of acoustic design and audio technology results in the provision of high-quality bespoke video conference facilities tailored to suit client requirements.

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